QWhich route should I choose?

AMany will start their journey via the Physical Therapies first and then to Ayurvedic Wellness because it is the most familiar. Either way you choose it is important to understand that everything is connected. For example if you have poor digestion and have pain tension and tightness, the body work you receive will  have temporary results until the digestion is addressed. The same goes for your routines, lifestyle, stressors etc.


QWhich therapy is right for me?

ADepending on the ailment there are 2 different main physical therapy modalities that are offered as well many other variants to the body work and many times a combination will be used based on tension levels, pain tolerances etc. We will discuss this during your first intake appointment. Remember you are never the same from one day to the next. Each session is based on where you are that day.


QWhat do I wear to my appointment?

AThis is a very important point! if you are receiving physical therapies then I ask that clients wear or bring with them soft, cotton clothes to each session. A t-shirt and sweats or pajama pants are ideal. Please understand that I am not able to treat clients in jeans, ribbed material or anything with thick seams, please bring appropriate clothing with you. If you are coming for an Ayurvedic Wellness Session please also be as comfortable as possible.


QHow do I prepare for my appointment

APlease bring with you to your first session, blood tests, current doctors diagnosis, x rays, MRIs, physical therapy exercises, doctor’s notes or any medical records that might aide in formulating your custom plan. A health history form will be filled out before your appointment.