What is PUSH Therapy®?

PUSH is a specialized muscle therapy designed to relieve pain, tension, tightness and increase range of motion for both chronic and acute conditions of the muscles, tendons and ligaments. PUSH is a system of manual muscle therapy and patient education, which is based on the structural anatomy and physiology of the body. In PUSH treatments your muscles are treated in a unique and revolutionary way allowing more oxygen and blood flow to your muscles creating long term relief and change.

Your treatment plan includes training to maintain the changes, empowering you to relieve your own pain & tension without creating dependency on treatments. We then prevent tension by revisiting your day to day activities to correct and retrain on how to use your body correctly.

Finally you will learn how to correctively build strength while doing everyday activities allowing you to easily incorporate what you have learned.

PUSH differs from massage in that we get to the core of the issue,we do not offer just temporary relief, the client is fully clothed and there is no use of oils or creams.

Indications for PUSH

Ankle stiffness/tension
Calf and Foot cramping and tension
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)
Chronic Psoas & Iliopsoas tension
Chronic abdominal tension
Chronic hamstring tension
Chronic muscle fatigue
Forward leaning posture
Frozen Shoulder
Hand Tension
Hip pain
Hyper extended lower back postures
ITB Syndrome
Knee pain
Limited range of motion of the arm & shoulder
Lower back tension/pain
Neck tension/pain
Numbness or tingling
Piriformis Syndrome
Plantar Fasciitis
Protracted, retracted or elevated shoulders
Pulled muscles
Quadriceps tension/pain
Shin splints
Shoulder or arm tension/pain
Slouching postures


PUSH Philosophy

We believe that many common forms of pain today originate from chronic, repetitive patterns people develop over a lifetime. The standing and sitting up “straight” postures that were taught to most of us as children and reinforced throughout our lifetimes create constant tension in the body and compression on our joints. Over time this joint tension can wear down knees, hips, backs, necks and shoulders.

Many forms of therapy today stress strengthening and stretching to treat these symptoms. Many exercises simply reinforce the old patterns that caused the problem in the first place. We at PUSH believe in replacing the old patterns with a properly aligned and mobile body, strong and supple muscles, and a well aligned core. Chronic symptoms can disappear forever and athletes can perform at a much higher level with less stress to their bodies.

Our clients are treated using a specialized 3 phase system. Soft Pressure Stimulation to get fast results and create long-term change to muscle tone. Next is Tension Release Training, PUSH Strength Training and PUSH Mobility Training. This proven highly effective method helps replace old, rigid patterns with new, strong and mobile patterns.

We believe it is vital to get beyond treating superficial symptoms. Our goal is to teach each clients how her problem developed, eliminate the source of the problem, teach new and efficient ways to use the body, and eliminate pain and chronic tension permanently.

Michael Takatsuno is the founder of PUSH Therapy, PUSH Trainings and director of the PUSH Therapy Center in Mountain View, California. His extensive background in human anatomy, bodywork and tai chi has allowed him to develop and practice this form of muscle therapy over the last sixteen years. A graduate of San Francisco State University, Michael has been a teacher and practitioner of Zen meditation and martial arts for over twenty years. PUSH Trainings is the exclusive organization educating Certified PUSH TherapistTM professionals.



Body Work

$195/ First Appt.- Assessment

Body Work Packages
$625 – 5/Hr
$1200 – 10/Hr

$2200 – 20/Hr