Testimonials for Jeannine

(Client since 2016) Stephanie,  Business Manager

“Jeannine is an excellent Ayurveda practitioner. By working with me from the inside out, my life is changing – along with my mind and body. I appreciate that Jeannine celebrates all milestones and kept commitments, which help keep me positive and moving forward. I never feel judged or pushed, and there is a partnership in working with Jeannine that helps drive accountability for me. I trust Jeannine completely and have experienced significant improvements in my mindfulness practice, increased digestive health and improvements in emotional health as a result of working with Jeannine”


(Client since 2013)-Macey Kalin Owner, The Dailey Method – Los Gatos

“I am a mom of 2 small kids, both of whom still love to be held and carried! Along with schlepping my adorable load around, I own a small business. I work in the exercise industry and sometimes while I am helping others maintain proper alignment and form, my own body suffers. I have gone to Goodbye Tension 6 times now and after each session I notice a huge difference. Immediately I feel looser & lighter within my body but what really surprised is how much stronger and stable I felt during my own workouts. Jeannine is very professional and knowledgeable about how the muscles work in the body and how to help them function at their optimal levels. I know my body performs better after my visits to Goodbye Tension!”


(Client since 2013) Jamie Allen Director, Education Humane Society Silicone Valley

“When I first started seeing Jeannine, I wasn’t able to stand up straight. I was diagnosed with arthritis and degenerative disc disease in my spine and bursitis in my hip (at 32!), and I was in a lot of pain. She challenged me to get in touch with my body – where I felt tension, if there was balance, and then she worked directly on the places that weren’t feeling right. I learned how nerves, joints and muscles worked together, and how to stretch out and relax different parts of my body on my own to get relief.

After a few short months, I graduated! I’m in almost no pain anymore, and I can work out the tension on my own because Jeanine worked on and also taught me how to take care of my back. I’m running or hiking 10 miles a week now and just went on my first backpacking trip carrying more than 30 lbs.! I still go to see her when I need an expert to work the areas I can’t get into, or when I need a reminder about being in tune with where my body is feeling tension and where it’s loose. I am so grateful for what she’s taught me and for the amazing amount of relief I feel that I am no longer living in pain.”


(Client Since 2010) Lisa, Group Exercise Instructor and Psychologist

“I was referred to Jeannine by a friend. I had never heard of Push therapy but was experiencing chronic shoulder pain. Though I had tried other treatments, like massage, the pain always returned, and I was reluctant to visit a doctor, as I expected to be told to take time off from working out. After just one session of Push, my shoulder felt much better, and with a few more sessions, the pain completely subsided and has not returned (it has been over a year). Not only does Jeannine help you to understand what is going on in your body, she also teaches you the tools that you need to continue to treat the problem yourself (with a foam roller or trigger point balls). When I begin to have knee pain a few months ago, Push therapy was the first option that I considered, and again, each time I leave a treatment, I have been more than satisfied with the results. I would strongly recommend Push to anyone with a nagging injury that just won’t go away.”


(Client Since 2009) Cosie Sasaki, Personal Trainer

“For as long as I can remember, I would get a burning backache every time I bent over for 30 seconds or more doing chores or pulling weeds in the garden. Finally one day, instead of going to the chiropractor , I went to her instead. I was curious about this so called “Push Therapy”. I’m so glad I did. I was tight as a knot all over, but my body responded very well to “Push Therapy” and by Jeannine’s fourth “PT” work on me, I was experiencing remarkable results. Combined with self treatment which Jeannine taught me, my backache miraculously disappeared. Surely, I thought surgery was my only answer, but Jeannine saved me and the results have had a very positive impact on my life thus far. My posture is the best it’s ever been. I move so much better. My back is stronger now, all on account of Jeannine, my glorious miracle worker!”