Beyond Trauma


This page-turning, easy-to-red, true story of healing form 25 years of PTSD, trauma & adverse life experiences will captivate you with laughter, tears & wisdom. The hidden gems and the step-by-step EDHIR* process will awaken your inner healer, inspiring those in the grips of their trauma to those who work with the traumatized.

E xplore the parts of you that are disconnected & reliving the trauma time loop.
D iscover what is needed to heal.
H eal the disconnect between your Heart & Mind.
I ntegrate the part of you that was disconnected-becoming whole again.
R elate to yourself & others as the upgraded version of yourself.

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About the Author

Jeannine L. Rashidi, Author of Abundance Beyond Trauma and Alternative Health & Wellness Practitioner, opened her Goodbye Tension practice in 2003, focused on alleviating the core of physical, digestive, emotional, and mental tension. Jeannine's commitment to empower and inspire her clients toward awakening the healer within has been a passion for the last 18 years. Jeannine's mission is to revolutionize how we relate harmoniously between the heart & Mind after the disconnect from trauma and adverse life experiences. She brings her personal experiences of healing trauma, including the EDHIR® process she created, to guide her clients toward integrating the Heart and Mind.

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