Heart & Mind Integration

Heart & Mind Integration

My vision is to bring about a revolution in how we relate harmoniously between the heart & mind with ourselves and others!

After 18 years of working with clients & my life experience of overcoming trauma, and extensive education, it has become self-evident that there is a disconnect between the heart and mind, in some cases both.

When an event becomes undigestible to the psyche and emotional heart, we may disconnect from our heart & mind to prevent being hurt or compromised. When disconnected, it leads to feelings of being stuck in life, dissatisfaction, and making decisions from the unconscious and subconscious, leading to dis-ease. To live life from wholeness, we need to become whole. We will be using the EDHIR® Process during these sessions.

Heart & Mind Integration is useful in:

- Shifting out of being stuck in areas of life
- Learning to live in the present moment
- Manifesting
- Conflict resolution
- Physical, mental & emotional healing
- Relieving anxiety, depression and all forms of stress
- Trauma

Heart & Mind Integration

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