The power of breath while stretching

Examples :

The power of breath while stretching

The Power Of Breath While Stretching.

1. Lower body
2. Upper body
3. Heart mind  
4. Connecting with the deeper aspects of your tension(feelings, memories, thoughts, etc.)
5. Connecting the body, heart, and mind for deep relaxation & mind-body alignment.
6. Tension relief using breath, thought & intention-learn to relax anywhere, anytime.

Coming into alignment with your Heart & Mind Breathing w/guided visualization

Coming Into Alignment With Your Heart & Mind Breathing With Guided Visualization

1. Muscle contraction & relaxation using the earth element to stay grounded, reduce anxiety & distractions.
2. Using the water element to embrace flow, to help with uncertain times.
3. Embracing your fear - learn to face uncertainty, the power of breath, and your unique ability to get big and see beyond the fear.
4. Deep relaxation, full guided meditation to deeply distress & recharge.
5. Connecting with heart, stay connected with your feelings while maintaining presence.
6. Inner-child play- guided visualization for connecting with your playful inner child.

5 Key Factors For Staying Healthy Using The Wisdom Of Ayurveda

5 key factors for staying healthy using the wisdom of Ayurveda

1. Food/water
2. Breath
3. Lifestyle
4. Perception
5. Creating your routine for success

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