While many modalities can relieve tension, I have chosen a few unique modalities that allow you to stay entirely clothed, combined with the deeper aspects of tension, including mental & emotional impressions in the body that need to digest.

Your treatment plan includes training to maintain the changes, empowering you to relieve your pain & tension without creating dependency on treatments. It is recommended to address the diet, lifestyle, mental & emotional aspects that play into your tension.

nick pain
back pain

PUSH treatments create long-term relief & change while your muscles are treated in a unique and revolutionary way allowing more oxygen and blood flow. Yamuna Table Treatments align the bones and joints while releasing tension and waking up the neuromuscular system!

Mental & emotional impressions are stored in the body. Working from a place of presence to see what is showing up for each client is a must. Modalities include Seva Stress Release, created for the Emergency Response Teams during 9/11. Somatic Touch to treat trauma & adverse experiences which regulate the autonomic nervous system. EDHIR® process for further digestion of adverse impressions.

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